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Fraud Alert – Buyer Beware!

  We all know that fraud is a problem, but it’s easy to ignore it until it happens to you. Even industry experts and high-profile professionals can fall victim to corrupt business practices and outright fraud of swindlers posing as authentic buyers or sellers. We know first-hand because it recently happened to us. In September of 2021, we were scammed by a group based in Vietnam calling themselves Cosmopolitan Classics. They have a website that appears to be legitimate ( and represent themselves asa restorer and seller of vintage scooters. We sent more than $50,000 for a collection of vintage Vespas and Lambrettas, and have received no product and no communication. While the website remains active, phone calls and emails remain unanswered. This article discusses a similar scam in 2019 . Hmmm…Same company?? We’re sharing this with you as a warning. Let our experience serve as a cautionary reminder to be careful and trust your instincts. And here are some recommendations to help protect yourself: Always seek recommendations before doing business with a company you are not personally familiar with. Do your research. Find real reviews and take complaints seriously. Report instances of international scams or cross-border fraud, report […]

The 1949 Schwinn Whizzer Motorized Bike

  If you’re jazzed by vintage scooters, the Whizzer Motorized Schwinn is for you! In 1939, Breene-Taylor Engineering Corporation, a maker of aircraft parts, marketed the Whizzer scooter kit. Sold for $54.95, the kit featured an air-cooled, four-cycle engine designed to power a bicycle. They topped out at about 20 miles per hour. Navarra Domestic Service Home Care: Discover the healing power of Yoga peloton kettlebell workout garmin asus garminfone sports & fitness The first generation of Whizzers launched in 1939 was called the Model D Bicycle Motor. It sold only 1000 units. The next version, the Model E Bicycle Motor, offered a few more features and sold approximately 1500 units. In 1943, new ownership partnered with the US government to develop motorcycles for the US Army. Our 1949 Whizzer Motorized Schwinn Sportsman features a 4-cylinder 50cc engine, automatic clutch and belt drive with front suspension. The brilliant red frame (#S313429) includes a front light and brown leather seat. It has been completely restored with authentic and correct parts. We’ve priced this unique bike at $2,777. Interested in learning more? Call us at 713.541.2281 or email us today!

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