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Maserati Birdcage 2459 at Salon Privé Car Show

The Marvelous Maserati Birdcage Tipo 61 No. 2459 was recently exhibited at the Salon Privé Classic Car Show, one of the longest-running and most established automotive events in the UK. Recognized as one of the key events on the international Concours circuit, some of the rarest and most exquisite cars ever produced are on display for all to admire at this event. Click here for more information on the Salon Privé. Click here to learn more about the Maserati Birdcage 2459.

Restoration Details of Maserati Bidrcage 2459

The restoration of the Maserati Tipo 61-2459 “Birdcage” began in 2007 in Modena, Italy-home of the Maserati factory. An Italian collector spent years painstakingly collecting original Maserati birdcage parts for 2459 before even beginning the restoration. Then Italian professional welders rebuilt chassis 2459 using the same secret welding processes and small diameter chrome-molybdenum steel tubes that were unique to the production of the birdcages in the 1960’s. The original parts the Italian collector assembled for 2459 were mostly engine parts, and included an original cylinder head, lower crankcase and sump, cam covers, and transaxle tower (also known as a differential case) which included the cast numbers for the original birdcage parts used which verify the parts as original. Frank Tralli of Modena, Italy rebuilt the engine to original birdcage specifications from both these original parts and other parts manufactured according to the original drawings. He then Dyno’d the engine for racing which can be found in the Maserati Tipo 61-2459 Dyno Report. The completed chassis and engine were then shipped to the Maserati restoration experts at Steve Hart Racing in England. In completing the restoration, the restoration facility added additional original Birdcage parts including rear lights, repeater lights, rev counter, ignition […]

Racing History Maserati Birdcage 2459

After the car was tested properly, the Tipo 61 #2459 was very successful in most races. First place at Cumberland, Maryland; Bridgehampton, New York; and Montgomery, New York in 1960. It was usually the fastest car in all of the races and unless there was a mechanical failure always won. At the end of each racing season, Momo’s shop rebuilt the car for the next season. Date Result Event Driver # Reference 02/27/1960 – Briggs Cunningham, Green Farms, CT, USA 03/26/1960 dnf (differential) 12h Sebring Walt Hansgen / Ed Crawford #25 Bollée Birdcage p61, 70, 72, 73 05/15/1960 1st OA SCCA Cumberland Walt Hansgen #60 Bollée Birdcage p98 05/30/1960 1st OA SCCA Bridgehampton Walt Hansgen #60 06/18/1960 1st OA SCCA Roosevelt, Rickenbacker Trophy Walt Hansgen #60 06/19/1960 1st Vanderbilt Cup Race Walt Hansgen #60 Finn TPSC p120 08/07/1960 1st OA SCCA Montgomery Walt Hansgen #60 09/05/1960 2nd OA SCCA Thompson Walt Hansgen #60 09/23/1960 dnf SCCA Watkins Glen Walt Hansgen #60 Bollée Birdcage p110 10/16/1960 dns USAC Times GP, Riverside Walt Hansgen #60 Bollée Birdcage p111 1961 – repainted white with 2 blue central stripes 03/25/1961 dnf (transm) 12h Sebring John Fitch / Dick Thompson #21 Bollée Birdcage p145 04/30/1960 […]

Historical Overview of Maserati Birdcage 2459

The Maserati Tipo 60/61 “Birdcage” is a light and powerful sports racer produced in 1959-1960 that exhibits superb aerodynamics. It has a great power to weight ratio, with a perfect 50/50 weight distribution front-to-back, independent front suspension, 4-wheel disc brakes, De Dion tube in front of a 5-speed transaxl made of electron which is a special aluminum alloy. The nickname “Birdcage” is due to the intricate, tubular frame and chassis made up of approximately 200 small-diameter, chrome-molybdenum steel tubes of varying lengths and thicknesses welded together with a unique and highly guarded Italian process. This design was engineered by Giulio Alfieri in 5 different models, the most popular being the Tipo 60 and the Tipo 61. The Tipo 60 has a 2-liter, four-cylinder engine of 200hp, weighed 570kg, and had a maximum speed of 165 mph. The Maserati “Birdcage” Tipo 60 and 61 sports racing cars were owned and favored by such legendary racers as Stirling Moss, Carroll Shelby, Dan Gurney, Lucky Casner, Alan Connell, Jim Hall, Roger Penske, Walt Hansgen, Briggs Cunningham, Lloyd Katskee, and Dave Causey. Many of these drivers are quoted as saying very positive things about this car, including: Sir Stirling Moss: The most famous race […]

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