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ACG has sold, serviced, or restored over 300 Jaguars, 50 Austin Healeys, 60 MGAs and other British Automobiles. We have also done multiple Maseratis over the past 37 years. Due to the renewed interest in American Muscle cars, we have done over 100 Mustangs and multiple 50’s & 60’s classic convertibles, various performance cars from GTOs to Corvettes and Thunderbirds.

Our expert staff of mechanics, paint & body experts, interior, and custom fabricators have over 100 years of combined experience. We are at your service to meet all of your classic car needs. We are all car enthusiasts and craftsmen that understand the restoration process. We take our job very seriously. We have many customers around the world that are multiple show winners. We are equally proud of the driving experience we have created for so many people over the years.

Owning a classic and collectible car is fun! It is one of the most enjoyable investments you will every make. Give ACG a try and will work hard to help you achieve your classic car desires!

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Are you ready to purchase the classic car of your dreams? Do you have an antique car that needs restoration? Or do you just have a question about the world of vintage cars, exotic automobiles, collectible cars, or classic Fords? Contact us today!


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